Shadow Lab – Magellanic

Shadow Lab – Magellanic – album, RECORDED LIVE IN THE STUDIO – 2017


Originally released as a download only in February 2017 – this version is still available from bandcamp.
The CD version is the 2020 release which has the sound remixed with spatial enhancement.

Inspired by the science fiction novel Mission to the Stars by ae van vogt, now called The Mixed Men – Published in 1952. This was a collection of short stories combine to form the novel.

The album is a concept piece, written over a two month period and rehearsed and adapted and then played live with one take in the studio with no overdubs or corrections on the evening of Monday 9th January 2017.

This a tribute to the improvisional skills of Tangerine Dream.


released February 18, 2017

Mark Price – Keyboards.
Recorded and Produced by Mark Price
Artwork Produced by Mark Price.
Recorded live January 2017

Equipment used..
Korg Triton Extreme 76 note
Korg Duo Monotron
Yamaha CS2X
Roland D50
Roland JV 2080
Roland Digital Piano
Roland R5 Rhythm Composer
Roland Digital Studio Workstation