Video is the best way of communicating your business message instantly via email, social media and DVD. Google rates website highly where they have video content and YouTube links, likewise YouTube favours links to websites with video content or videos embedded from YouTube. Video can create a bigger picture for your business and business product or services, which will enable you to reach further to gain new clients. Videos are excellent for Powerpoint/ Presentations, trade shows and events. If you have ever considered using video, either for in-house purposes such as training or for sales and marketing to help your small business grow, our team can help you with every step of the production. You collaborate with us as closely as you like, all the way from initial planning and scripting to distribution of your finished film, via web video or interactive DVD. We will also help you with publishing it onto YouTube and helping get your message out. Great for businesses trying to show clients rather than telling them, links from the video can be sent via email and through social media sights increasing your brand awareness. A business without a video, is like a business without a website. Prices start from £300, this a 2 hour shoot including 4 hour editing! A great way to test the water.


Video Packages

Option 1 (up to 1 minute promo video)
2 hours location* 4 hours Editing.. from £300

Option 2 (up to 2 minute promo video)
4 hours location* 8 hours Editing.. from £500

Option 3 (up to 3 minute promo video)
1 Day location* 1 Day Editing.. from £1000

Option 4 (up to 4 minute promo video)
2 Day location* 4 Day Editing.. from £1500


Your Voice Recorded (for Your Video) 1 hour £80.00

Professional Voiceover artists from £190.00

*based 20 mile radius